Tuesday, December 27, 2011

See How It Feels Contest♥

Salam 1Malaysia!
Today I'm gonna write in English
*so nervous*
because I'm gonna write a review about
Paper Mate Inkjoy : See How It Feels Contest.
If y'all still remember *if u read my blog.hahah*
I'm Freebies Lver.
Last 2weeks, on Friday, I got a bundle of pens from Paper Mate Inkjoy! Honestly, when I filled the form for the pens, i thought if I'm lucky enough, i'll just received a set of their latest product which consists of 6 different-unique colours : Blue, Red, Purple, Baby Blue, Pink and Black.

chubby pens-so comfy!

I chubby pens. why? coz my fingers r chubby! hahah.. easy to hold, so comfy when writing. Lve it!
Saga continue..
It turns out that I received a bundle of Paper Mate Inkjoy products. 

 Amazing rite?

 My Baby Kaktusiah try to interfering. HaHa

Firstly, i wanna thank God for this "rezeki".
Second, thanks to Paper Mate Inkjoy for selecting me as 1 of the 200 lucky person. This bundle of smooth pens are very useful as I'm gonna sit for my 1st exam at USM next year. I'm not trying to attract sympathy or what-so-ever, this is what we called the-ugly-truth!

the most crazy-packed exam schedule i've ever had!

FYI, SKW 104 is economy paper, LMT 100 is English paper and LKM 400 is Bahasa Melayu paper. That's mean that I need to write a very LoOoOoNG essays for 3papers! I really2 need a lots of pen. Paper Mate giveaway pen came on perfect time

Since Paper Mate are so nice, giving a bundle of smooth pens, so I decided to share the "rezeki" with my lovely roomate n my besties! Hope with this smooth and comfy pens help us answer the paper exam well

My Besties Wif Paper Mate

My roomate and I are far away during this study week. She's having a fever. Poor Fiqa =( 
Get Well Soon Sayang
Therefore, cannot snap a picture of her with
Paper Mate Inkjoy pen. huhuh

 BTW, Thank you so much Paper Mate for selecting me as 1 of the lucky person to accept these wonderful, colourful, chubby n smooth pens!  

"Stay Clean, Stay Healthy, Stay With Me" =)


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